H.O.P.E.S.S. provides rehabilitation to individuals who have gone astray due to addiction.

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Who We Treat

We treat men and women ages 18 and older who have addiction and/or mental health issues. We treat all races, religions, nationalities, and sexual identities.

Gender Identities

We are not only an LGBTQ Ally; our staff and clinical team are trained in Safe Zone Curriculum. This means that we will support your gender preference and when needed, our clinical team will be able to provide therapeutic support with issues and concerns that are associated with gender roles, expectations, and societal pressures. Therefore, come as you are and do not feel you have to change to come to treatment. We accept Agender, Androgyne, Bigender, Cisgender, Gender Expansive, Genderfluid, Nonbinary, Omnigender, Polygender, Pangender, Transgender, and Two Spirit to name a few.

Physically Disabled

We can accept someone who has a physical disability, however, this is considered on a case-by-case basis. Walkers and canes can be used. Individuals must be able to feed and dress themselves as well as get in and out of a vehicle without assistance. Individuals are permitted to continue to see his/her own physicians while at Hopess. If a person is SMI they must continue going to his/her clinic for psychiatric care.

Employed Adults

We want everyone who comes to our facility to make this his/her last residential treatment episode. To that end, we want individuals to return to work when his/her treatment goals have been almost finished. However, treatment does come first. We ask everyone who enters our program to make a 90 day commitment. This does not mean that your program is 90 days. We don’t know you yet. But this is on average, an estimate on how long it takes to get through our program. Some people have shorter programs and others have longer. You will be able to job search once your treatment team approves you to do so. This is towards the end of your program. Once you obtain employment the goal for most is to save your money and transition into a more permanent living environment. Our team will assist you in finding housing. Our team will help you build a life you want to live for. This may include employment, housing, meetings, counseling support, recreational support, and most of all, help you build a recovery family that will support you through this challenging time.